The Buderim Foundation’s Ambassador Program was established in 2008 as a way of keeping in touch with our many supporters and to ensure they receive regular emails, newsletters and invitations to events. We ask that they in turn help spread the word about the work of the Foundation.

Ambassadors proudly display a sticker on their letterbox or car and enjoy supporting fund raising initiatives and events. They give generously of their time and talent. 

In 2015 a specific Ambassador committee was established to ensure Ambassadors are involved in activities that best suit their circumstances ie. contributing to the Foundation’s trust funds or assisting with major events and activities. 

All contributions of time, talent and treasure are highly valued. 

If you want to know more about our Ambassador Program contact Executive Officer Susi Du Toit 0419 674 622.

To apply to become a Buderim Foundation Ambassador please either use (option1) printed form or (option 2) online form.

OPTION 1 – please fill out the form: AMBASSADOR APPLICATION FORM 2021
Once completed, you can scan and email to: or post to:
Buderim Foundation PO Box 1408 Buderim QLD 4556

OPTION 2 – Please fill out and submit form online:
Online registration HERE

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