Youth in Philanthropy Program

When the Youth in Philanthropy Program (YIPP) was established in 2008 the first step was to encourage a group of young Buderim residents, aged between 12 and 25, to join the project. Their challenge was to determine how a community grant of $40,000 could best serve the needs of the young people of Buderim.
The youth group’s journey exceeded all expectations. Through a series of workshops, over a six-week period, they became empowered and inspired by the challenge. They became very aware of the impact of philanthropy and the processes involved in fund raising, grant giving and governance.

A broad range of potential community projects was prioritised by the young participants and this resulted in two key objectives: 

  a competitive youth music event and 
  the establishment of a youth “hub” in Buderim.

The group presented their findings at the 2009 Good News Night and on 18 April, 2010 they achieved their first objective. An event entitled ‘Buderim Unplugged’ was held in the Buderim Memorial Hall. The very successful evening provided YIPP members with event management experience and gave young local musicians an opportunity to perform in front of their peers… a very satisfying event for all involved.

And in 2012-13 Buderim Foundation grants enabled Fusion Sunshine Coast to establish a youth hub at their Buderim youth centre.