The Foundation’s Fund, raised purely through donations and fund raising activities, reached the $1 million mark at the beginning of 2015 and now stands at just over $2 million. The funds are never spent thanks to three very committed sponsors, who cover the Foundation’s administration costs.

All funds are invested and the investment strategy is to adopt a conservative stance in order to maintain a stable, income-generating fund for future generations, and to maintain tax exempt status.

The Investment Committee, comprising Directors and experienced financial advisers, has been appointed to supervise the investment of monies entrusted to the Foundation. The Committee’s aim is to preserve and grow the capital held in the Funds through prudent investment, at this stage chiefly in term deposits and ASX listed shares.

The ultimate goal is to grow a diversified portfolio of assets which will generate a secure stream of income. This then will ensure an increase in the number and size of the grants made available to local Buderim organisations.

The 2020 Buderim Foundation Financial Overview for year ending June 2020, provides an overview of cash flow, fund growth and earnings available for grants.

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