Schools in Philanthropy Project

In 2014 the Buderim Foundation together with Sustainable Partnerships Australia (SPA) developed a Schools in Philanthropy Project (SIPP). The object of the project was to provide school students with the skills and ability to raise funds in support of a local cause of their choice.

SPA is a Sunshine Coast not-for-profit organisation and a leading provider of education, career and transition projects to young people. To enable the project to progress, the Foundation provided its largest-ever grant of $14,162. The grant came from the Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy account, originally established through funding from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) and generous Buderim donors.

Schools whose catchments include the 4556 postcode area were asked to become involved. Chancellor State College and Siena College took up the challenge and the first phase of the project involved Year 10 students from those two schools. SPA project officers, Amy Doran and Jade Frieser coordinated the program and provided specialist presenters to work with the students each week. The course content included:

  Understanding philanthropy
  Student research to identify a local cause to support.
  Brainstorming ideas on target groups and activities to maximize participation and funds raise.
  Project and event management skills.
  Post project briefing, celebration and evaluation.

The SIPP team organised a ‘Jam for James’ concert to raise money for a new computer with vision support software for a teenager blinded by a brain tumour. The SIPP students also provided him with a drum kit and lessons.

The students gave positive feedback regarding their awareness and understanding of philanthropy and they received very positive feedback from the recipient’s family.