It’s time for a specific fund focused on supporting the youth of Buderim.

Foundation supporters have often said they would like to focus more on the younger members of our community and so the Foundation Board has established a Youth Sub-Fund.

So what is a sub-fund?

It is a fund that allows donors to direct the earnings from their donation or bequest to a specific area of interest – in this case to youth activity. The concept is well established with the existence of a BWMCA Sub-Fund which supports BWMCA community activities.

As youth is a large and growing segment of our community, their special needs will only grow in the future. At a recent Sunshine Coast youth summit and at a Generation Innovation Future Visioning forum, younger members of community have expressed specific concerns and challenges, some of which include:

  Employment opportunities
  Drug and alcohol free recreational opportunities
  Development of practical life skills
  Youth activities

If you would like more information, contact Graham Tamblyn, Chair of the Buderim Foundation’s Youth Committee on 0411 020 607.