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Long-lost romantic letter returned to Buderim resident

View a video interview with Loloma. click on: https://youtu.be/Y9g99395V-o

A letter written in 1943 by a former Buderim resident asking for his wife’s hand in marriage has been found in a book bought at a second-hand bookstall in Melbourne.

The letter, written by the late Stuart Weir, is addressed to the Reverend and Mrs Green and seeks permission to marry their youngest daughter, Loloma who, as the letter states, ‘has captivated my heart’.

The Melbourne book buyer, Intrigued by the letter, searched the internet for Stuart Weir and found a link to the Buderim Foundation ‘Gifts in Memory’ page.

Stuart and Loloma have been strong supporters of the Foundation and Stuart’s Gifts in Memory story was written shortly after he died in 2004. The story includes details of Stuart’s graduation from Duntroon Military College in 1942 and his marriage to Loloma Green in 1944.

The Melbourne gentleman telephoned Buderim Foundation Board member John Devers who contacted a Weir family member.

Loloma, who now lives in Buderim Views, was delighted to receive the letter and to hear the story of how it was found in a book which must have belonged to her father, the Rev Robert Green. Loloma knew Stuart had written to her parents asking for her hand in marriage but had not actually seen the letter until now – 72 years later.

“This is very special for me and I really appreciate the effort this gentleman has made to tracemy family.”

Loloma is extremely proud of her late husband.

“Stuart has been recognised as the only officer to have commanded troops in combat in four wars,” she said. “He was awarded the Military Cross for bravery in Papua New Guinea in World War II and the Distinguished Service Order for his action in the Vietnam War.”

Stuart joined the Buderim Historical Society when he and Loloma moved to Buderim in 1977. He led walking tours of Buderim’s historic sites and, in 1983, he identified and listed Buderim’s historic trees, some of which were subsequently listed with the National Trust.

In 1986, he painstakingly researched the origin of Buderim’s street names, and arranged for the publication of a booklet called ‘Beautiful Buderim: origin of street names’. Stuart’s ashes were buried under a frangipani tree in the grounds of the Historical Society’s Pioneer Cottage.

The Sunshine Coast Council recently recognised Stuart’s dedication to Buderim by naming the viewing area overlooking Martin’s Creek in Lindsay Road, Stuart Weir Place.

You can read more about Stuart Weir and other great life stories on our Gifts in Memory page.

In January 2015 we reached the $1,000,000 milestone!

I am especially pleased to share some exciting news with all of you.

Our Foundation has now reached a significant growth milestone in its 10 year history. We have just passed the $1million mark of funds held in trust. I’m sure you will agree that this is a great achievement.

It’s a perfect opportunity to thank everyone – one-off donors, regular donors, our sponsors, those who’ve made bequests, attended our events, supported our fund raising initiatives and of course all those who’ve given generously of their time and talent.

It’s also an opportunity to acknowledge the great work undertaken by the Foundation’s highly credentialed Investment Committee, chaired by Avril Staniland. Avril and her team have pursued a highly professional investment strategy to ensure growth of the Foundation’s corpus over the long term, while delivering a solid income stream each year to return to the community in the form of grants.

It should be noted that the Investment Committee has capitalised on the strength of the equities market in the past month or so to get us to this exciting milestone and I thank them for that.

Now for the second million!

Kind regards,

Paul Clark
Chair, Buderim Foundation

Kickstart to $2,000,000 target!

It is just a month ago when I sent you a message saying that the Foundation corpus had reached the important $1million milestone.

I would now like our Ambassadors to be the first to know that this month we have received two quite separate $100,000 donations.

I was able to announce at the Ambassador Happy Hour on March 20th that a couple well known to most of you have made our largest single donation to give a wonderful start towards our next milestone.

And now just a week later, another $100,000 has arrived from a Buderim resident wishing to remain anonymous.

Naturally I thank these donors. However the whole Buderim Community deserves thanks for the way it has embraced and supported the Community Foundation concept. Surely this is a huge vote of confidence in the efforts of all those involved including the board, committees and of course, our Ambassadors.

As we enter what is historically our busiest giving time, you might like to think of ways you can help to keep this extraordinary momentum going.

While large donations are important to us, so too are very modest ones. Please don’t be put off by the size of the two donations I’ve mentioned above. Every donation, regardless of the amount is highly valued and regular donors are our life blood.

If you have not donated to the Buderim Foundation before and maybe have some questions…please let me know and I will arrange for a member of our Fund Development Committee to be in touch.

Let’s keep it going!


Paul Clark

Naming of Stuart Weir Place

The 20th of Februaury 2015 saw the official naming of Stuart Weir Place in memory of retired Australian Army Officer, Mr Stuart Weir, for his outstanding levels of civic service to the Buderim community.

Division 7 Councillor Ted Hungerford said he was delighted that a wonderful Buderim asset was officially named ‘Stuart Weir Place’ after a truly inspirational and dedicated Buderim gentleman.

The name proposal was submitted by the board of Buderim Foundation and received positive endorsement from three significant Buderim community groups – the Buderim Historical Society, the Buderim Foundation and the Chair of the Buderim War Memorial Community Association – and unanimous support from Sunshine Coast Councillors.

4 Paws Animal Rescue receive grant for Solar Power

4 Paws Animal Rescue was one of the 20 organisations to
receive a community grant from the Buderim Foundation this year. The grant of
$2500 will be used to install solar power in their office and the emergency
animal housing.

President of 4 Paws Animal Rescue, Julie Penlington said
that they were very excited and honoured when informed they were one of the
lucky recipients on the Good News Night.

“We are a 100% volunteer run organisation, no wages are paid
and we like to minimise costs so all money we receive can go into the vet care
and housing of our animals,” Julie said.

“The grant means we can reduce our costs further and more
funding can go towards the housing and care of animals in our emergency

The emergency housing can be home to some animals for a
couple of days, but to other animals longer. The animals are bought to 4 Paws
for a variety of reasons and the housing allows a place for them to stay while
waiting for medical treatment before finding them a new home in the community.

“We take in a lot of abandoned or surrendered pets and help
find them new homes, sadly we have many because their elderly owners have
passed away,” Julie said.

4 Paws Animal Rescue has been caring for and helping
relocate animals since 2005, for more information on donating or adopting a pet
please visit http://www.4pawsanimalrescue.org.au/.

Essence of Buderim – hot off the press!

Under the auspices of the Buderim Foundation, a group of passionate and committed volunteers have combined their extensive array of talents to create a beautiful book about Buderim.

The book so eloquently conveys the Buderim lifestyle through contemporary images and cleverly combines historical references, community life and delicious local food recipes to stimulate culinary creativity.

In keeping with the spirit of giving, the profits earned from the sale of this book will flow to the Buderim Foundation which uses the income it earns to fund its annual community grants program.

It’s a book for you and for your friends and family, whether they live here or in other parts of the world. It’s all about the very essence of Buderim. Enjoy!

Cost per book: $29.95 (+ postage if required)

You can purchase your copy at Books on Buderim, Buderim Pharmacy, Manawee Nursery or the Old Post Office.

The ‘Essence of Buderim’ captured in new book

Proud of Buderim’s rich history and lifestyle, the Buderim Foundation is excited to announce the Essence of Buderim book.

The Essence of Buderim will provide readers with an insight into Buderim’s history and lifestyle through recipes contributed by Buderim community members as well as the use of contemporary images, historical references and stories on community life.

Chair of the Buderim Foundation, Prof. Paul Clark said that presenting Buderim’s lifestyle through
recipes, stories and images reflects the Buderim community and the
welcoming, friendly neighbourhood that it is.

“The book really is all about the essence of Buderim, bringing together aspects of the community and recipes from community members captures the Buderim lifestyle.

“Essence of Buderim is a great opportunity to showcase Buderim and tell our special story with pride,” Prof. Clark said.

“With the Buderim Foundation’s focus on creating a healthy and fulfilled community, all profits earned from the sale of the book will go to the Buderim Foundation’s annual community grant program which has
distributed over $100,000 to community organisations over the past decade.”

The launch was held at Buderim Craft Cottage on Friday 3 October with Hon Steve Dickson MP officially launching the Essence of Buderim book.

Books are available for sale at $29.95 each from Books on Buderim, Buderim Pharmacy, Manawee Nursery or the Old Post Office.  Alternatively, please contact Robyn Edwards at edwardsrr3@gmail.com.

The goal of the Buderim Foundation is to enrich and enhance the quality of life for Buderim and its residents, past and future. The foundation is a philanthropic, not-for-profit organization that aims to generate income from donations and bequests from local community members and provide grants for community projects.

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