The Foundation provides an easy, flexible and ethical mechanism to donate and all amounts, however small, are gratefully received. Donations are never spent. They are pooled and carefully invested, generating income which provides grants to Buderim-based community organisations in the 4556 postcode area.
Income derived from donations that do not attract a tax deduction can be distributed to a wide range of community organisations. However, as the Foundation is registered under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001, donations can be tax deductible but income from the tax deductable funds can only be distributed as grants to not-for-profit organisations that have deductible gift recipient status.
The preferred payment methods are Direct Debit, Cheque or by automatic monthly instalments from your bank account. We encourage donors to consider direct debit as this ensures 100% of the donation goes to the Foundation and avoids the necessity of credit card fees being deducted from your donation.

To Give by Direct Debit
There are two account options depending on your need for tax deductibility.
For a non tax deductible donation use the Open Trust
If you would like a tax deduction use the Tax Deductible Trust
To make a donation by direct debit, you can make a bank transfer directly to the Buderim Foundation.
Download Direct Debit form here

Give by Mail
Make cheque out to:
The Buderim Foundation Open Trust for a non tax deductible donation or
The Buderim Foundation Tax Deductible Trust if you would like a tax deduction and post to:
Buderim Foundation, PO Box 1408, Buderim Qld 4556

Give on line

Go to the Buderim Foundation page on the Give Now website
Click on either ‘Give a donation’ for a one off donation or on the ‘Give a monthly donation’ and set the start and finish dates. You will also need to set up a My Giving account. Merchant credit card fees are charged at a reduced rate (currently 0.99% for Visa and MasterCard and 1.43% for Amex).

And it’s good to remember that philanthropy is more than the act of giving money. It can also include the giving of time, specialised talent and positive support. We’d love you to consider becoming a Foundation Ambassador and we’d welcome you at the Foundation’s fund raising events.

  • All amounts, however small, are gratefully received. Gifts can be made as a one-off donation, or as a quarterly or monthly contribution. Some households might consider giving regularly as it may be more manageable and affordable.

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